15 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
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  • 1 dry pint Pure Flavor® Sangria® Medley Tomatoes, puréed
  • 1 dry pint Pure Flavor® Sangria® Medley Tomatoes, halved
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • ½ tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 inch cinnamon stick
  • 4 black peppercorns
  • 4 cloves
  • 2 green cardamom seeds
  • ½ tsp red chili powder
  • Salt, to taste
  • 1 tsp coriander powder
  • 2 cups basmati rice, cooked
  • 2 tsp coriander leaves


Step 1

Heat a pan on medium heat. Add oil, cumin, bay leaf, cinnamon stick, pepper, cloves, and cardamom. Stir for 1 minute.

Step 2

Add the tomato purée, chili powder, coriander powder, and salt, then sauté until the oil separates.

Step 3

Add rice and tomatoes, then mix well. Reduce heat until the liquid is absorbed and the rice is dry. Add chopped coriander leaves and remove from heat.

Recipe created by Vandana Garg
Pro Tip

To enhance the flavors serve with chickpeas, raita, red onions, and orange slices.